Ferry to Rotterdam

Ferry to Rotterdam

Ferries from Hull to Rotterdam are an ideal way of travelling either for a weekend in Amsterdam, travelling into Holland, Germany or other mainland Europe, or simply visiting Rotterdam itself.Sailing overnight from the Port of Hull in luxury P & O Ferries with a fantastic range of bars and restaurants will surely keep you entertained for the evening.Then retire for the night to your luxurious ensuite cabin.

The following morning you will find just time for a full english breakfast or simply a light snack before returning to your car to leave ship.You can cut miles off your journey sailing on the Hull to Rotterdam ferry.

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Rotterdam Ferry Port

The city of Rotterdam boasts the largest ferry port in Europe and at one time was the world's busiest port until 2004 when it was overtaken by the Port of Shanghai.The Port of Rotterdam is located on the banks of the river Nieuwe Maason in the North Sea.Rotterdam Ferry Port covers a vast 40 kilometres stretching from the center of the city to the North Sea.

In the province of South Holland Rotterdam is the largest city and in the Netherlands the second largest municipality after the capital Amsterdam.The Rotterdam Ferry Port industrial complex fulfils an important role as a hub for international goods flows and as a business location for industry and logistic services.

The city of Rotterdam is filled with many interesting museums including the Boijmans-van Beuningen Museum, the Historisch Museum and the Kunsthal a center for contemporary art.Visiting Rotterdam is no way complete without a visit to the highest lookout tower in Holland the Euromast or taking a boat excursion over the Nieuwe Maas and the Lek Rivers.

Rotterdam was founded as a small fishing village in the mid 13th century.The name Rotterdam was derived from a dam in the Rotte river.During the Second World War almost Rotterdams city centre was heavily damaged by the German.This would explain why there are hardly any pre-war buildings remaining in this part of the city.

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